• ABC220 Economy Carburetor Repair Kit, Marvel Schebler
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Economy Carburetor Repair Kit, Marvel Schebler

Made in USA

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Fits the listed Marvel Schebler carburetors. Please make sure your carburetor manufacturer number in the list above; If your number is not in this list, this kit is not the correct kit for your application.

Kit contains:  Needle and seat, idle adjust needle and spring, float lever pin, gaskets, seals and instructions.

Our economy carburetor kit contains the parts shown in the picture. It also includes an instruction sheet with a diagram. The diagram shows all of the internal carburetor parts for reassembly purposes only.

Also fits Silver King Model 42
Make sure that your carburetor manufacturer number is in the list that this fits. Kit contains: Needle and seat, float lever pin, seal, gaskets and instructions. Includes .080" Float Valve Seat.
Please see our standard return policy if you need to return this tractor part.
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