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Our New Delivery Options

Now it will be easier then ever to calculate your cost when ordering parts. You can choose to ship Economy when you are in no hurry to start your project, Standard when you are ready to get started soon, or Premium when your tractor is sitting in the field waiting for your help. 

With our new delivery options you can also gauge where you fall in the delivery cost chart and maybe add a little something extra to your order for no extra delivery cost. We hope this straight forward delivery chart makes things as easy as just picking an option and getting your parts on the way!

Retail delivery for USA

Retail delivery Canada

Retail Delivery International

Q. How do you ship?

A. All orders are shipped via US Mail (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, truck freight or they can be scheduled to pick up in our store.

Q. Can I bill the shipping amount to my UPS account number?
A. Yes. When placing your order request UPS freight collect and provide the STP representative with your UPS account number. When ordering online you can select UPS Freight Collect and indicate the UPS account number in the "Freight Collect Number" box. Be sure to provide your UPS account number.

Q. Do you ship via DHL or Speedy?
A. No. DHL is only available to International addresses and can be scheduled by the customer only. Please email or call for this service if DHL is your preferred method. Speedy service is unavailable in Michigan.

Q. I am interested in a product that says TRUCK FREIGHT ONLY.  What does this mean?
A. This item exceeds normal UPS weight limitations and / or exceeds the maximum length and girth measurements for UPS. STP will shop rates with various LTL carriers to find the best rate.  You will be charged the rate that STP is charged for truck freight shipments.  Our website will estimate the truck freight charges, but there may be a difference.

Q. What if it has been longer than the expected transit time and I have not received my package(s)?
A. You can track your packages that were shipped by UPS or USPS on our website in the “My Account” section under “Past Invoices”. Just click on the tracking number to track the package.  For UPS services, in addition to tracking the package on our website, you should also receive an email from UPS Quantum View with a tracking number when your package is shipped.
Please note that UPS Ground service is a non-guaranteed service.  Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and 3rd Day Select are guaranteed services.   If you selected a guaranteed service and it is past the guaranteed delivery date please contact customer service via email at sales@steinertractor.com to arrange a guaranteed service refund to you.  Refunds are not applicable to non-guaranteed services.  Packages shipped via USPS are not guaranteed and claims regarding lost packages cannot be placed until after 15 days.

You can track your shipments on our website by going to My Account > Open Orders and clicking on the tracking number to track. 

Q. I received one package and not the other.  What does this mean?
A. Although it is rare, orders shipped in multiple packages may become separated during transit.  Your additional package(s) will usually be delivered within 24 hours from each other.  You should be able to track all of your packages on our website to see where they are at.

Q. What are my responsibilities when receiving parts?
A. Click the following links to learn more about this.   Practice Good Receiving Habits and Parts Purchase What You Need to Know.

Q. Can you provide the additional fees that may be charged?

A. In addition to the standard transportation fees assessed by UPS, the following fees may be added UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. These fees are for 2018 as of 10/16/2018:

  • COD Fee: $13.50 per box (in addition to transportation costs). This will be added if Cash On Delivery is selected as the shipping method. 
  • Addresses that are entered online incorrectly by the customer may be charged a $15.90 fee. This will be assessed after the sale if the carrier charges to correct your address.  

If you have any questions about any of these additional fees, please feel free to email elizabeth@steinertractor.com. Please note that these additional fees apply to a very small percentage of the packages we ship out. Most orders will not be subject to any of these additional fees.