Tractor Carburetor Repair Resources

The staff at Steiner Tractor Parts put together these resources to help you successfully rebuild your carburetor. 

Step 1 - Find your Carburetor Manufacturer Number:

The key to any successful tractor carburetor repair or replacement is to locate your carburetor manufacturer number.  

We have some resources to assist you with locating this important number. 

Also, you can watch this video to help you to identify your carburetor if you are still having trouble. 

How to identify your carburetor

Step 2 - Learn about Tractor Carburetor Repair

Now it's time to familiarize yourself with the repair and what parts will be needed.  One way to do this is to watch our videos on tractor carburetor repair. 








Watch The Fitzgeralds show how to rebuild a carburetor as part of a tractor restoration. 


Watch Rachel Gingell perform a Marvel Schebler Carburetor Rebuild

A few other resources are available as well.

Step 3 - Buy parts for your carburetor repair

Search for your parts and place your order! A few tips on searching for your carburetor parts:

  1. Search by your Carburetor Manufacturer Number. 
  2. Ensure that your exact carburetor number is in the list
  3. Pay attention to the differences between Economy, Basic, Complete, and Premium rebuild kits.  Not all types are available for every carburetor. Make sure to read the items included in the kit you are purchasing. 
  4. Don't forget to order a carburetor float! -- If you are looking for a float, be sure to watch the float dimension diagram. You can compare our dimensions against those of your original float to ensure you get the proper one.  Find these detailed dimensions under the "Instructions" tab on the product detail page. If you aren't sure if you need a carburetor float, a simple test is to hold the float with needle nosed pliers and submerge in a pail of HOT water. If you see bubbles come from it, the float needs to be replaced. 
  5. If you aren't sure, reach us via email at or connect via online chat to make sure one of our technical experts helps you find the correct kit for your machine. 


Here's a link to all of our tractor carburetor parts. You can use the filters on the left to choose your brand and then your model.  Be sure that your Carburetor number is in the list of applications though! Remember though that the easiest, fastest way to find your carburetor parts is to search by your carburetor manufacturer number. 


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