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First started in Rochester, Wisconsin in 1842, the company soon moved to Racine, Wisconsin where it began making threshers. Case tractors represent tradition of leadership in manufacturing farm tractors, from the very first steam engine tractor the company produced in 1869.

Steiner Tractor Parts carries parts for classic Case tractors from 1929 through the 1970’s. We are determined to bring you quality parts for your vintage Case tractors. Steiner Tractor Parts is your top destination for all your repair and restoration needs; offering everything from spark plugs and tractor lights to manifolds and steering wheels.

For old Case tractors, we offer manifolds, switches, crankshafts, gauges, rims, emblems, tractor lights, sediment bowls, spark plugs, distributor caps, decals, brake discs, steering wheels, radiators, carburetors and many, many more. Shop our selection of aftermarket Case tractor parts and let us know if you don't find what you are looking for

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ABC3749 - O-Ring


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ABC3308 - Radiator Cap Gasket

Radiator Cap Gasket

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CKS3134 - Radiator Core Gaskets (pair)

Radiator Core Gaskets (pair)

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CKS3142 - Radiator Core

Radiator Core

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IHS3084 - Oil Seal

Oil Seal

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MFS2123 - Water Pump To Support Casting Gasket

Water Pump To Support Casting Gasket

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ABC1898 - Thermostat 160 degrees

Thermostat 160 degrees

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ABC1648 - V Belt

V Belt

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FDS1453 - Fan Belt

Fan Belt

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ABC1398 - 7 Psi Radiator Cap

7 Psi Radiator Cap

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ABC1396 - 7 Psi Radiator Cap

7 Psi Radiator Cap

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ABC1086 - Thermostat 180 Degrees

Thermostat 180 Degrees

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