Customer Satisfaction

We’ve compiled some comments that we’ve received from customers by phone, email and through our 'contact us' form. Wonder what kind of customer service you will receive at Steiner Tractor Parts? Listen to what our customers have to say!

Thank you for your prompt service. Your website was easy to navigate and straight forward. I'm looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Richard Hutchinson

Thank you for the information. I called in and Chelsea handled my order for me in a very professional and efficient manner. Thank you for continuing to offer parts for the old antique tractors that are still workhorses for many people like me. Steiner Tractor is the premier supplier of parts for these old gems that continue to work hard and honor the spirit of what America was built upon. My 1953 Ford NAA Golden Jubilee will continue to live on as long as Steiner Tractor is around to provide the essential parts to keep her running strong.

Keep up the good work!
Ray Woodzell

Just received my items purchased from you and are very happy with the quality of the items and very good packaging and service and will definitely buy more products from you,

John Haydock

You guys are awesome, you had what I needed and shipped the same day!I'll order again..thanks

The part got here and is installed.
Thanks for your services.

I am the daughter of John Fife, he cant sign the release himself at the moment but I took the photo and wrote it all down for him. Not sure if you've read the story but it all started when he was a child in hospital and he had to leave his tractor there for the other kids to play with. It seem's that the whole story has come full circle, He was just in hospital having surgery and ended up having a heart attack while in recovery, (he is home and doing ok now) but it was the morning that he started feeling better that I got your email about his tractor story being one of the winners, you should have seen his smile, it was like he was a kid again. I'm not sure how I could convey to you just how happy this has made him!

Sara Fife

User friendly for a person like me. looking for carb repair kit or replacement carb for John Deere LA. now can make an informed decision on which to order after we determine type/mfg and number we have. Thanks.

I'm happy to be affiliated with your organization. I've got a Ford 8N tractor and need parts from time to time.
Jack Laser

...just wanted to say thanks! I received my order of Massey Harris side panels and was impressed with how well they were protected by the packaging.

Great job!
Keep up the good work,

Great site, easy to navigate. Thanks for making my repair easier.

Nice job on the drop down catalog, this will make it a lot easier to find your parts now!
Tracy @ Phil's Tractor Repair


Very helpfull in looking for parts for my old D-10 Allis Chalmers. Thanks

Great service, great people'll have a repeat customer in me! ....assuming my new farmall cub radiator holds up, that is! : ) I'm sure it will be fine...

Thank you for your prompt service! I just ordered the filters on Tuesday night and they were at my door today (Thursday).

Ya'll are the best, I will send you a picture when I am done with this current project.

I like your helpful parts search method. I will be making a purchase soon.

The search was quick and to the point. I love that fact that I can get new parts for my old tractor.
Thanks guys

I have received parts. I am very pleased the way the parts were packed and shipped.
With Thanks,
Dave Hartwig.

Steiner Tractor,
I received the tach I ordered in a little over 24 hours after the order was submitted. Knowing that the part came from Michigan to southern Ohio, this service is nothing but out of this world. For future part requirements (I have 3 tractors), I will definitely make Steiner's the first place I check for parts.
I do have a question. I installed your tach on my tractor (which was just completely overhauled), along with a new tach cable. When I started up the tractor to check the tach I installed, I noticed that the tach took approximately 5 seconds to register rpm changes. My old tach, when it worked, would immediately register the change in rpm's. Is this something that could indicate that the tach I received is not working properly?
Thanks, Mark

Received the shipment today "on time" and all in good condition. Would like to thank Shannon in sales and Butch in Packing for their friendly and professional service. This is my second event ordering items from your business, very pleased both times. Will likely place future orders and will recommend your business to others.
ps: Nice Hat!!

Did these manifolds arrive yet.? Also, I wanted to thank you folks for the superb packaging of my last RS order. It arrived late last week, and all good…..

Thanks Stiener,
Parcel arrived on 18th all in top condition. Water pump has been painted and on tractor working already. Once again thanks for the service.
Ross Cooke
Renwick, Marlborough

That makes sense. I always enjoy dealing with Steiner as your customer service is impeccable. Any of those oil gauges available without the stud? Not sure the number but it is the same gauge but with no stud on the back.


Dear Elizabeth,

Thanks look forward to recieving the parts. By the way, I like your new website, makes ordering very easy.

Best Regards,
David Arcadia

I just ordered several part's from Shannon, who by the way is very helpful and friendly. Since I was not on line at the time, I decided to log in and check out the parts list. I must say it is very impressive and I really like the the cross reference for part interchangeably.It makes life a breeze knowing the same part will fit several makes of tractors.keep up the good work.

Morning Chelsea Thank you for your great service. Payment has been completed. Have a great Christmas

Diane King (for Ronald)

Thanks for the email. Have your new carb for super c works very very well.

Raymond Smith


You are going to have to get yourself one of these tractors. They are a "dream machine". I am hoping that we will see a modestly priced one, that needs a good home... so that I will have one for my "very own". ;-] Fascinating to see how this machine is put together. I never thought I'd be interested in repairing a tractor; but I am absolutely hooked! My husband and I have been enjoying sorting through the wiring diagrams, and sleuthing out this little leak, and that little noise. We're having a great time, putting this little dream machine to work on the ranch. We're greatful to have such a wonderful resource, like the family at Steiner Tractor Parts.

Dear Dan Steiner

Perhaps there are not enough words to describe the way you handled my unfortunate tractor break down.
First: you never tried to insinuate it was anyone's "fault", but only asked questions that dealt not with fault, but in trying to figure out just what had happened.
Second: your manners and courtesy go beyond words again. You were respectful and cordial in all aspects of dealings with an unpleasant circumstance.
And Third: you were honorable.

Honor to me has a great place in my life. Unfortunately, we live in a society where the values of honor and integrity seem to be over shadowed by: "what will it cost and what will I make?"
There are two paths in life, the one of honor and the one of dishonor. And you went the road of honor even though it was costly to yourself and your firm. This is seldom done anymore and you give me faith that the values that we hold dear are still in use with some of us.

So, therefore, I wish to say a heartfelt "thank you" for sticking to your principles, and being who you are. Your friends, employees and relatives should take note of and be proud of the person that you are. I know I am.

God Bless, and May you have a wonderful holiday season.

I am, sincerely

Tom Perkins
Bowdon, Georgia


Thanks so much, for responding so quickly. I just placed an order this morning.

P.S. Deona, you are going to have to get yourself one of these tractors. They are a "dream machine". I am hoping that we will see a modestly priced one, that needs a good home... so that I will have one for my "very own". ;-] Fascinating to see how this machine is put together. I never thought I'd be interested in repairing a tractor; but I am absolutely hooked!
My husband and I have been enjoying sorting through the wiring diagrams, and sleuthing out this little leak, and that little noise. We're having a great time, putting this little dream machine to work on the ranch. We're greatful to have such a wonderful resource, like the family at Steiner Tractor Parts.

Thanks again, Deona,

Hi Elizabeth,
A note to say my parts arrived today safe and sound.
Thank you for your assistance

Kind regards
Adrian Whiteman

Hi Chelsea

Got my second order yesterday – THANKS A MILL – my next order will follow soon.

The temp gauge is still on-route

Hi Elizabeth,
A note to say my parts arrived today safe and sound.
Thank you for your assistance

Kind regards
Adrian Whiteman

Hi all at Steiner,
Just wanted to thank you very much for the prompt attention to my water pump order.... I got it in 3 days !
Excellent, fast service and e-mail with the UPS tracking #. Thank you again,
Yours sincerely,
Ray Dicker


Just wanted to say thank you and that I appreciate the quick response. The diagrams that you sent will be a great help. In reference to the brake diagram to the B tractor. The new clutch kit I installed is working wonderful and it has made my sister relieved and very happy. Now if I can just get the brakes put on. I have never worked on tractors before, so this is all new territory for me. My sister is stressed, because the age of the tractor and is afraid that it won't go back together. I have great trust in your parts do to the quality of the clutch kit I installed. You should seen the smile on my sisters face. I have been waiting on the catalog to order my next purchase. I order one from your web page. It hasn't arrived yet, but I going to phone in an order today. My sister also has a 560 that needs to be worked on, when we can find the time, so I am looking forward to future business with you and your company. Thanks again. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I am a little timid about ordering the brake parts. Don't know what seals or gaskets I will need once I have the tractor torn apart. Maybe the parts department can point me in the right direction.


thanks for the great service and up to date site. My local dealer for parts
could not find the part. Your site not only had the item and for alot less.
thanks agian.


Thanks for the quick response. Am looking forward to receiving the parts and doing further business with you.

Best regards


Thank you very much for your quick response. I have informed many of my friends of your company, the quality & availability of material, and your professional business attitude.

Thanks again,


Thank you very much. I got the part today (thursday) . You are very efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks again,



Thank you so much for being so helpful and responsive. You are truly a credit to your company.

I imagine that you are probably too humble to do this of your own so I will insist that you forward this email on to your boss (unless of course you own the business).

Sometimes all customer's need is to understand the reasoning behind something and that in itself is enough. I realize that I was definately the architect of my problem here but it is nice to see that some companies like Steiner still put great importance on customer service.

Please feel free to use me as a testimonial to how responsive of a supplier Steiner is.

I will definately be in touch with Steve on this return but also as a first check of inventory at his location before ordering online.

Thanks again for your help. Have a great weekend.

Cheers John


I think I found a new source for all my John Deere parts. You guys are excellent. I took my catalog to work and it caused alot of excitement. Could I get a couple more? Thanks again Rebecca.

Jim Child
Perry, KS

Just got my starter today and it works GREAT!!! Thank you for your great service and fast delivery. I will tell all my tractor buddies.

Craig Harings

I received your new products email on Tuesday night this week and on it was the one item I need to finish off the 1946 JD D I'm working on at the moment - compression taps. I immeidiately ordered a pair. Hey presto - come Friday morning there on my doorstep in the middle of the UK - the other side of the Atlantic - are UPS with a parcel containing the 2 compression taps!! Ideal to fit this weekend! Fantastic Service! I'm really grateful and appreciative of the great range of products, the helpful staff and the outstanding service Steiners offer. You're just the best!

Thanks again!
Mark James

I was looking for a flywheel ring gear and starter drive (bendix) for a Allis Chalmers CA and found it on your web site very easily.

Thank you

Just wanted to give a word of thanks to you. Good service is hard to get these days and that's what you provide. I've ordered several parts lately for my fathers D-14 that we have been redoing and you've had it all and then some. The prices were great and the shipping was incredibly fast.

Jason Zimmerman

Ms. Pierce,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of the parts and service I have received from you guys. In case you are interested, I found your organization's website through a link on the FENA website.

Thanks Again,
Mike Gillian
Midland, TX

Hi Suzette,

A belated thank you for sending me the very informative four pages of information on 22 June. I had tried to send you an email at that date, but it appears that my ‘reply’ function was giving trouble and the message was bounced back. At that time my computer fell ill and and had to be hospitalized, but I am pleased to say that the patient now home and appears to be fully recovered.

Regards from Sunny South Africa.

Gordon Riley

Hi Chelsea
Just a note to say my parts arrived a few weeks ago
Thanks for the great service and the Tee shirt
I will send you my tractor story in a few weeks

Kind regards
Geoff Clifton

We received the order today. We wanted to write & let you guys know how happy we are. We have not put everything on the tractor yet, because of the weather here. Plan on doing that this weekend. Everything looked great!

Thank you for the shirt! That was a very nice extra. We are also very happy w/ the quickness of the shipping. We placed our order on Sat. evening & its here 4 days later. So very surprised. I wish that everything we ordered online came as quickly.

Thanks you again,
Mark & Heather Hill

I like yours business. I have found several parts too my Oliver 77, 50 mod. Now I shall restore a Case VAC 1948 mod. I hope I can find what I need with you.

Mvh Birger M Bratlie
(ps. My english is not good)


Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I work in a customer service related field and your reply was a perfect example of terrific customer service. I may not have been able to buy a part from you today, but I will be a customer tomorrow. Thanks for running your business like a business.


I would like to thank you for your help in getting my parts. The postal service delivered them monday 02/08/2010.

Thanks again

Just wanted to let ya know i received my parts and they are exactly what i wanted. thank you for being there.



I am glad I found your site. It was fairly easy to use and you have alot of parts that one can use. I will be using you again in the very soon as I'm going to start to restore my Dad's old Allis Chalmer's WC, 1947 vintage that he bought when he started farming. Thanks so much for your services and the very useful site.

Thank You

Steve Halfhill

Got the package today....excellent service people!!
Be Well, Mark

Thanks for striving to make the hobby better and better. BTW, let me take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy working with your company. Your staff is professional and top notch!

Best regards,

Hi Chelsea,

I have got the parts in my hand, would like to thank you for your patience in dealing with me and picking that I would not be picking it up, you are right on top of things.

Thank you again.


Thanks again for the quick response, and taking care of this. It's little things like this that makes great companies like yours stand above the rest. I've enjoyed doing business and will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to tell you that I am completely satisfied with the order I placed. I got it the next day. Everything fit and corrected my issue. I looked at a lot of web sites before I placed my order with you. Your company was the only one that had everything I needed. I saved on shipping because I didn't have to order from multiple sites. Even though some of your items were a bit more, it was worth the extra cost because of the service you provided. I will buy all of my parts from you in the future. Thanks again for the excellent service.


Hi Chelsea,

Radiator turned up today, no damage and fits well. Thanks for prompt service. It took 4 dayss to come all the way around the world via Germany, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, Perth. Then 4 days to come 200 Km from Perth to here. Amazing!


A big thanks to Steiner. My brother and I looked everywhere for a IHS154 and IHS004 manifolds for our International powered John Bean sprayer. It was a hard search and we didn't find Steiner until we had already ordered the parts from another place (at a higher price). After we received our parts there was confusion about the intake manifold and the folks that sold it to us could not help us out on the phone. They knew nothing. After searching further we finally found Steiner's web site. We called and talked to a technician at Steiner and he faxed us what we needed free of charge. Talk about great customer service! I wish we had found you sooner. Steiner has our business from now on -- you're the type of people we like doing business with. Thanks a million

Jim Ivey


Certainly no apologies needed. I appreciate you and your company's commitment to customer service. Being in the hospitality industry, it's truly rare that you see Steiner's eagerness to make sure the customer is taken care of. You can be sure that when asked about anything to do with my tractor, I will promote you guys. Thanks again for your help.


PS Attached are some before pictures. I'll be sure to send the after.

Farmall  Farmall


I just received it. Will send yours back next Monday, when we get it all changed out.

Because of your quick reaction, I just placed another order with you all. I am very pleased.

Thanks again,

My name is Kevin Hunt and I just placed my first order with you the first of the week. I have to say that I am very impressed with your store. I wasn't at all planning on getting my order by the weekend, so I was very suprised when it showed up at my door yesterday. I will definatley be doing buisness with you as future needs arise.

Thank you! Kevin

Thanks jenny
Your company is a pleasure to do business with
Cheers dean

Thought I’d give your company and you some good feedback. Goods arrived in about 10 days and they work a treat.

Although the cap and rotor button are made for an Allis Chalmers Tractor, the same distributor was used by Rolls Royce for my 1955 Silver Cloud I. With your parts, I can now rest a 20c coin on the top of the motor and it won’t fall off.

Royce had a different style cap – but it all comes out the same. I’m keeping my original equipment and using your caps and rotors while no-one is looking under the bonnet (hood).

If anyone you know has a Delco Remy 649G or 7952214 distributor, used for many American Agricultural and Car applications, I will pay good money just to have a spare.

Thank you very much for the great service and for not being afraid to sell to Australia. I was knocked back by one of your competitors. Australia might have been confused with any other country starting with A. J


Colin Silver

Hi Elizabeth,

I really appreciate you checking on that, the quick response and the information about where to possibly look. Your company was recommended to me by a couple people who specialize in tractor repair/restoration.
I will definitely keep your company in mind for future needs of the H.
Please let your manager know I'm very happy with your help and you have gone above and beyond my expectations. Again thank you very much



I purchased a wiring harness recently for my Ford 660. The price was too high, I thought, when I ordered it. I had purchased another wiring harness for a much cheaper price and ended up returning it because of the poor quality. Anyway, your wiring harness fit perfectly and is obviously a quality product.


Charlie Dupuis

I would like to thank you for the nice hat that you sent with my order! I restore older tractors as a hobby and I will always consider you first for all my future needs. Again Thanks for the great and fast service, the hat was a added bonus!!


Keith R Stromberg
Bennettsville, SC

I look forward to being a part of your Email List. Every part and every experience with your organization has been first class and easy to work with. Keep up the good work.

Denny Way
Way Transportation

Thanks for commenting on our blog. I'll be sure to check you out for parts in the future. I look forward to our catalogue. My son will LOVE it!

Christopher in Hampton, CT

Love the company and catalog

Brian in Beggs, OK

I am in the Process of Rebuilding two Case 400 tractors. One is a diesal and one is a gas. Your website has been the best I have found to date to find parts for my tractors. I would like to recieve a catalog as soon as I can I would like to get started restoring them. - Curtis

“You might tell whoever it is that does your catalog that they did a good job. This last catalog is your best yet. They really did a good job on that. If you run into him in the hallway, tell him that I said I appreciate his work”

James at Meyer's Tractor Salvage


“I got a new one resently, and it is so thick that is getting to be like those old Sears and Roebuck catalogs of years gone by. I have noticed that Deere has been dropping many two-cylinder parts in the last five years from their inventory, and it sure is encouraging to see Stieners supply many of these parts that are needed to maintain and restore these old tractors to a useable condition.” - Murphy

I'm not a professional tractor restorer, just a retired tinkerer. I just wanted the lights to work on my '47 Oliver 60. Parts availability was great, I only spent $70.00. I was very impressed with the friendly, courteous help at the parts counter. You just don't always find this quality everywhere you go these days and it is appreciated.


Good morning. Receved my parts yesterday. They were perfect. Thanks. Have a great day. Charles

Thanks Jeff,
I’ll Return the defective lens as soon as I get the new one. Your response is great!

Thanks, My Husband was thrilled with the exhaust pipe for his H. He always leaves the Red Power Magazine open on the table so I know what he is looking for. Thanks.

Dear Elizabeth Gross,
I would like to thank you for the service that you provide. The parts that you sent have arrived and are greatly appreciated.

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for a quick delivery of the steering wheel I ordered on November 23rd. The package arrived today (November 24) in the late afternoon. My dad will be thrilled to have another part to put on the tractor he is restoring.

Thanks for being so expedient on your deliver, Elizabet, it looks great, hopefully it’ll be on this weekend. Sent the other out today and put insurance on it just to be safe! Many thanks again, look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Many Thanks,

Here’s another application for your new ACS178 breather cap. I just got a new one for my Avery Model V and it is exactly like the original. I had noticed before that my Avery’s cap was just like the one on a Farmall A so I figured your new ACS178 would also be correct OE style for my Avery. Thanks for getting it made!

Thank you very much. I really appreciate all your help and your promptness. It’s nice to do business with people like you!

Hi Guys,
Thank you for sending parts to Australia. They arrived safely yesterday. Hop to do more business with you soon.

Steiner Parts,
Thank you very much for your tractor parts book. This is the best tractor parts book I have ever received
Thank you very much

To Whom It May Concern:
I ordered some parts from your store and want you to know that I am very satisfied. I got them in record time and they are a Christmas present so I was very happy that the service was so good. You must have some very good employees. Thank you for such good service.

To Dave Steiner.
I want to thank your company, for finding a very hard to find item. In restoring my TO35 Massey, I needed new replacement gauges. All that is offered is a universal, even from the Massey dealer. I contacted many companies including yours. No one offered the painted dials. I called your company back when I learned you produced some of your own gauges. A girl by the name of Jenny, she was one of the most helpful persons I have ever spoken with. She found my gauges in England, and they have already been delivered. I am most delighted with what I have received. My very special thanks goes out to this girl for her hard work. She brings value to your company beyond words. I will be using your company for many items in the future.
Very Kind Regards,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my emails and your extra effort is appreciated. I have ordered my steering wheel through your on-line catalogue, and if I require any more parts in the future I will check with you first!
Your Canadian John Deere Enthusiast

It looks like the Viton needle and seat are doing great. After years of looking I am real glad to have found them. The brass import variety just will not work. Thanks for carrying top quality products and fast service. Now that my 550 Oliver is happy I will put one in my 1600 which has leaked for years. I will tell the local AGCO dealer about your site and any friends with carb problems.

Hi There,
I would like to take this time to say a few words, We (people) are always ready to complain but rarely give compliments. In the last few years I have bought a fair amount of products from Steiner’s. I would like to say that I have always been very satisfied with your products and your service. Your products are very nice and they fit well. I just bought a steering wheel for a Massey Harris Pony, which is a very nice reproduction. Also I recently bought a pair of fenders and side panels for the same tractor. They both fit the tractor perfectly and they look very nice.
Thanks again for your fine service and products. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

The grill piece arrived today. Thanks for the great service! We’ll share the news of your customer service with all our friends that enjoy fooling with “rustoration”.

Thanks you guys,
I received the carburetor by UPS yesterday morning and it works just fine. I like doing business with you folks. Altho I did have a problem with my first order, you took care of it and made an exchange that solved the problem so I’m a satisfied customer and will refer your company to others who need tractor parts.

I must say I’m very impressed!
I put my order in at ebay on Saturday but ran into a problem with the freight – called on Monday and completed the transaction and the pipe was delivered Wednesday afternoon. And it looks like a nice quality item and Made in the USA! That I like.
It’s going to look and sound great on my WD-45. Thanks so much.

Thank you Elizabeth. . . . I’m overwhelmed with the customer service. . . . I haven’t been treated like this in long time. You folks are great!. . . . I wish Steiner a happy new year! I just finished my tractor and it has MANY Steiner parts on it.
Thank you again

I sent the return coil for the Ford tractor 2N # ABC119 yesterday (Aug 11th) with UPS. Thanks, now I’m up and running and I will be needing to order more parts at a later date. Thank you for the way your company does business

I want to thank you for the prompt manner in which you handled my order on May 17th. Someone *(Samantha) was very helpful when I called for product and shipping info. I mailed my order on May 15th you processed it on May 17th and I received it complete and as represented on May 19th. 4 Days!!!! No company has that kind of service. Thank you! The only problem was during that time I gave away my catalog to a friend who is restoring an 8N Ford. Could I get another catalog? Thanks Again!

It’s a pleasure to do business with a company like yours.
Best Regards,

Hello Steiner Tractor,
Just a quick note to say that my seat parts arrived here in great shape and that I have already installed them. Sure makes the seat much more stable. Thanks to the Allis tractor forum for putting me unto your listing on e-bay! I also have left you positive feedback. Thanks again!

Attention Junior:
Dear Sir,
I’m finally getting around to thanking you for providing me with a starter for my old Ferguson TEA-2085 back in January. I appreciate the extra effort you put in to solve my problem. If you will recall, the starter drive would not disengage from the ring gear completely. I even got a call from the gentleman whose company manufactures them. He suggested a shim or gasket. I made one out of 5/16” hardboard/masonite. Works Fine! Just Like New!
Thanks again.
Much obliged,

Hello STP,
My order arrived today, with a free catalog, thanks for that, everything perfect condition, well packaged, will order from you again,
Regards David

RE: Fan Shroud IHS621
This part has been installed on a tractor and we are extremely pleased with the quality and fit. Someone deserves a pat on the back for this one.
Thanks and regards,

Just to let you know that I received the parts I ordered, today, June 2nd. Very pleased with the products. The decals are exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you for the great service.

Shipment was packed perfect. Please tell your shipping department great job.

Published in the Green Magazine:
I try to let people know about the outstanding service provided by the vendors that advertise in Green Magazine. About four years ago, I purchased a bunch of parts from Steiner Tractor Parts, among them a new hood for my 1937 “B”. It took longer than expected to use it and, to my horror, last fall when I put it on the tractor, the hole for the exhaust stack was cut in the wrong spot.
Now, mind you, I had no receipt, only my word, but Steiner took the hood back with no questions asked and replaced it with a good hood. They are truly amazing people to deal with and offer quality parts along with super service.
Submitted by:

I really enjoyed looking at your website, and I look forward to receiving the catalog. I will be ordering some parts in the near future. Many friends have highly recommended your site. Keep up the great work!

Hello, Just wanted to give you guys praise for excellent customer service and speedy delivery on my order. I had been looking for these parts for a while and had all but given up when I bought a copy of Antique Power and found your ad so now I am back on the tractor restoration wagon. Thanks guys and gals for your help.

Hi Danny,
We haven’t talked yet but I wanted to tell you what an incredible staff you have. Talk about customer service. I have been in the retail business for 17 years and a manager for half that and the one thing you stress is customer service. Well my good man you have achieved that and I hope you pass this on to your staff. They have to deal with so much in a day and still I can hear a smile on the other end of the phone. Thanks for being such a great business and a great bunch of people.

Hi Jr.
I really appreciate the efforts that you put in to resolve this matter. Your service has been really good and I will keep that in mind for future purchases. Thanks so much and God Bless You!

Just wanted to say again how much of a pleasure it is to work with you!

I have copied and pasted my whole order for you to see “it was a big one this time”! I ordered all I need but the lights for now! I pretty much emptied my “wish list” that took me awhile to build! So you will see more orders from me in the near future because I want the lights to finish off the tractor but for now, with the parts I just bought, I have my work cut out for me!!!!!

I will send pictures as soon as I can!


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