John Deere Hand Clutch Repair Video Series

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Whether you are restoring your John Deere Waterloo built two cylinder tractor or just making a repair, the clutch is an essential item to have in good working order. While some parts may continue to work even if neglected, it is very noticeable if the clutch needs adjustments or repairs. This is evident if the clutch engagement is jumpy or if the tractor lacks the power to climb a grade.

Anyone sitting on the operator station will be able to feel the clutch for proper adjustment while engaging and disengaging the clutch lever. Also observe the linkage visually for loose linkage pins while moving the clutch lever. Often the clutch operating lever is so far out of adjustment that it has to be brought back past the operator's knees to disengage it. And the brake may not engage the pulley sufficiently to stop it from turning. The cause for this could be worn pins and linkage or perhaps just improper adjustment. If the clutch lever wobbles side to side more than an inch (measured at the top ball) it is very likely that the clutch lever pivot pin and bushing will need replacement.

Why is the clutch so important? It is more than the fit and the feel of the controls. The clutch is vital to the performance of the tractor. If the clutch slips or jumps, not only is it inefficient at delivering the engine power to the transmission, but it may also be dangerous to the operator and those around a running tractor.

It is vitally important to ensure that the operating controls are in good shape and adjustment. This job aid is intended to assist anyone whether a seasoned mechanic or a hobbyist to diagnose and repair the hand operated drive clutch on their John Deere two cylinder tractor. The focus will be on later letter series and number series tractors. However, most all of the operating principles will be the same for earlier models with some exceptions. Before making any repairs or adjustments it is highly advisable to seek out an operators and/or service manual for the exact instructions pertaining to your specific model tractor. Steiner Tractor Parts offers I & T shop services manuals part numbers JD4, JD10 & JD16 for vintage John Deere tractors with hand clutches. Operator manuals are also available.

Step 1 - Project Overview & Points of Wear
Step 2 - Tear Down - clutch facings, discs
Step 3 - Tear Down - continued
Step 4 - Clutch pulley dust cover
Step 5 - Clutch operating arm
Step 6 - Assembly - clutch lever & pivot pin
Step 7 - Assembly - clutch
Step 8 - Assembly - final