2018 Catalog - Tractor Photo Winners



Winner - PhotoShop Effect
John Brabrand

End of the day 













Winner - Group Same Tractor Brand
Don Filbeck

30 Series John Deere













Winner- Group Different Tractor Brands
Tommy Wilson

Group photo of my restored tractors. From the left, 1951 Ford 8N, 1950 Farmall H, 1951 John Deere B, 1952 Farmall Super C and the youngster, a 1960 Case 430!













Anthony Dyson

Blueberry Hill U-Pick farms

1952 WD Allis Chalmers, Sanford, North Carolina, owned by Anthony Dyson, restored by Jim Eastridge.








Noel Allard

"Recently restored 1952 WD Allis. I won the tractor at auction at the LeSeur Minnesota Pioneer Show flea market as a barely running, well-used machine right out of the field. The first year I spent just scraping congealed grease from the frame. The next three years were spent tearing it down into its various components, babying each one. Thanks to ecouragement, technical help and some physical effort from my friends of the Park Rapids, MN Antique Tractor Club, I got "Alice" running a year ago. it's my parade tractor and my pride and joy!"








Tyler Hoskins

"Great Grandpa's 51 WD plowing."








Gerald Sundberg

"Before I started to build this skidder I collected parts that I thought I might use on the project. When I got ready to build it I borrowed $4,000 to buy all new parts for the WC Allis engine, all new hydraulic parts and hoses, new tires, steel as needed. The two rear ends are Farmall F12s, I found out afterwards that F12s had six different gear ratios in them so you have to make sure they are the same otherwise you can't  use it in four wheel drive! The wheels are 28" from an Allis and I made my own hubs to fit the F12 axles. From the Allis transmission to the F12 drive line there is a #100 roller chain with a one to one ratio that connects the two. I spent six Saturdays and a few evenings building it probably about 200 hours."








Melissa Schwartz

"Allis Chalmers D19. We have owned and used it for 20 years. It still bales our hay every year. We are hoping one day to fix it up and use it for shows only."








Greg Grube

"18 Tractors 811B, 711B, 611B, 511B, 310G crawler! SC, DC, 411, 312, 311, 630, VAI,  630 VAC, SC, VAC 14, DC,  Farmall H, Farmall M."








Benjamin Fitz

"Plowing with my Case 300 and a Case Centennial Plow at the 2016 state plowing matches in Iowa."








Danielle Jeardoe

"Like Father, Like Son, the work must be done. Colton driving his New Holland pedal tractor, pulling a homemade swather his Daddy, Kip made. Kip was finishing the nightly feeding of our cows, with our Case International 7130 Magnum tractor."









Kris Golden

"1948 Case VAO bought new at Barnes Implement in Chillicothe, MO to be used in Roy Moore's Orchard.  Having been submerged in many floods the tractor was rescued in 1994 for a full rebuild, new shields made from scratch by me, and a splash of Flambeau Red."









Lawrence Hodson

"I recently moved to a location with 20 acres. I was in need of a tractor. After meeting new neighbors and friends, I mentioned that I needed a tractor. One of my new friends said he would sell me his tractor and gave me his address where I went to see it.

This picture says it all. The shed/barn was probably being held up by the wisteria growing through every window, wall and door. Peeking out the front was this amazing find. A 1959 Case, model 210b. The owner drove it in 6 years prior and had not touched it since.

I put it on a trailer and took it home. I put a carburetor kit in it, the 6 volt (positive ground) generator was rebuilt and a new battery installed. It started up, and continues to run better each day.

It is a wonderful tractor and a rare model. It has power steering, low and high range, and is easy to drive."





Case Tractor


CL Kitzmann

"JI Case VAC 1951 at windmill & fishing hole."







Carroll Foster

"1949 Cockshutt 40"











Cockshutt Tractor

Ivan Grant

"Our Cockshutt 35 L near our only Apple tree on our farm."










Bill Luecke

"Cockshutt 40, 1952"





Ford Tractor


William Fisher

"The tractor is a 1937 Cockshutt 70 that was produced by the Oliver and is equipped with the original 6 cylinder Hart Parr engine.  It is also equipped with steel wheels with deep lugs on the rear wheels. It has a magneto ignition and a hand crank starter. Originally green with a deep orange highlight along the lower side of the frame and deep orange wheels."







Ford Tractor


Harris Ertzberger

"1963 Ford 2000 purchased new by my dad. This picture is in front of the barn my dad and mom built, from old houses that was on the farm, in the winter of 1941."




Ford Tractor


Joseph Coy

"Getting ready to plant a hay field. Shown are a 1947 Ford 8n, a 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee, and a 1959 Farmall 460."







Keith Fink

"1942 Ford 9N which belongs to our 11-year-old son, Hank(pictured). The whole family helped to fix up and paint the tractor. One of three "old tractors" on our dairy farm, but none of them has achieved collector status yet as they are all daily workers."







Ford Tractor


Melinda Pritzel

"1962 Ford 4000"







Sean Billings

"1959 Gold Ford Dealer Demo. Restored Winter 2004 by Sean Billings and Dale Miller of Danielsville Pennsylvania."








Farmall Tractor


Jason Hedrick

"1965 International 1206.  Growing up on a farm, and collecting antique tractors, the 1206 was the tractor I always wanted. While we had several different makes and models of tractors, the 1206 was never one that we had. I got the opportunity to buy and restore one in 2011. It was a complete front to back restoration."







April Brown

"Farmall M at shaw field, Sutton Massachusettes."









April Brown

"Farmall M at shaw field, Sutton Massachusettes."












April Brown

"Farmall M at shaw field, Sutton Massachusettes."











Bill DeSilva

"Sunrise on four of our Farmalls after a light snow in Cedar City, Utah."







Glen Morris

"Glen & Justin's 1948 Cub restored."






International Tractor


John S. Coy

"Cultivating sweet corn behind a 1959 Farmall 460."








Lindsay Graham

"1946 Farmall M Tractor and 271 New Holland bailer still being used regularly in Kurow, central South Island, New Zealand for small bales of horse hay."








Mike Halter

"Restored 1967 806 Diesel cultivating snap beans spring/summer 2016."







John DeereTractor


Mary K Gray

"At the antique plow days In Millington, Michigan."








John Deere Tractor


Tregg Reiss

"Camouflaged in the matching purple flowers."






John Deere Tractor



Wayne Shaw

"1939 Farmall A after a fresh dumping of snow."












John Deere Tractor


Brett Nordwald

"1953 John Deere 40 Owned By Alan Schreiner of Jonesburg, Missouri. Restored by Brett Nordwald of Warrenton Missouri."






John Deere Tractor


William W. Wiater Jr.

"Our tractor is a 1947 John Deere model D. Owned by Bill & Chris Wiater of Cedar Lake, Indiana. It was originally shipped to Regina Saskatchewan on January 2, 1947."










John Deere Tractor


Kim Horneman

"His & Hers John Deere 720 Pony Start Diesel and JD 40. My 720 is I believe a 1957 or 58. It's pony start, 3 pt hitch and dual hydraulics. I bought it just out of high school it was literally in boxes but some how it became a tractor again. My husband's 40 is about a 1955 and is our latest addition to the family, just got the chrome pipe from you all 2 days prior to this picture when we were having our family plow day at my parents farm, Daily Crisis Farm. He was a Farmall man but I think he has realised it's ok to like both."





John Deere Tractor


Geoff McGill

"1942 John Deere A. My Grandpa bought it when he was farming. After he retired from farming my Dad got it and it has been sitting in a shed for more than 20 years. Last August (2016) I started restoration on it. It is done and ready for parade season."







John Deere Tractor


Bryan McClurg

"Ohio springtime tractor ride. 1939 John Deere G."







John Deere Tractor



Jay Weisensel

"Oh just playing with our toys."









John Deere


Jim Potter

"1946 John Deere B  long hood. This tractor was bought at a farm auction and then restored in our shop. John Deere Archives indicates this tractor was sold locally. We are now in the process of researching the history of this tractor now."







john deere


Shari Simpson

"My son giving my father a ride on his "new" 1947 John Deere A."






John Deere Tractor


April Van Rys

"1971 John Deere 4320 with April's full pink moon behind it. Factory air-conditioned cab, standard tractor with fixed front end, wide swing drawbar and no 3 point. Original paint."






John Deere Tractor


April Van Rys

"Fresh snow on a John Deere 4020."








David Sass

"1954 John Deere 60 & 224T Baler. This is an original tractor that has never been repainted or restored. I bale about 1,000 bales a year with it on the Palouse in North Central Idaho."










Wayne Lingle

"1956 MH-50 tractor has a gas Z135 continental motor."











Lucas Whiteside

"1964 Massey Ferguson 65 diesel."











Mark Z Manning












Ryan Muller

"My 1952 Massey Harris 44 that my grandpa bought new. Restored last year with alot of Steiner parts."







MM Tractor




Andy Machicek

"1956 Minneapolis Moline 335 owned by Mike Winkler.

Completely restored by Matthew Machicek with Rogers FFA as an Agricultural Mechanics project."







MM BF Avery




Cory Grim

"1953 Minneapolis Moline BF"







BF Avery




Dwight Daughterty

"This BF Avery "A" 1948 was bought in Louisville Kentucky May of 2016 to go with my collection of Avery's. It fits in well with my two 1947 "V'", 1943 "A" and 1950 "R". We enjoy taking them to tractor shows and parades."










Leah Daughterty

"Loading up our "new" G Moline."







MM Tractor




Judy Kitson

"The tractor is a 1951 UB Minneapolis Moline Industrial version as can be seen by the dual tires and shifter for forward and reverse. It was made on a  US Government contract and still has the government plates. It was used by the Bureau in building the Glen Canyon Dam that created Lake Powell. After the dam was built it was purchased by the city of Page Arizona and used on their golf course. When they finally parked it, it was picked up by Eugene Tucker at city auction. He has since used it in the Page, Arizona annual tractor pulls in October. He and the tractor can be seen pulling on our website www.pagetractorclub.com in our cover photo. Eugene is also one of the founders and the president of the Page Antique Tractor and Machinery Club - EDGE&TA br. 217."














Oliver Wheatland



Bill Luecke

"I purchased this Oliver 2150 from Richard Kreger at Jetmore Kansas on March 1st, 2012. It was very sound mechanically, but very bad cosmetically. I removed the cab and restored it, repaired the doors, installed all new glass, and replaced all the padding. Even got the AC working. I sandblasted everything, primed it with epoxy primer and painted it with PPG Essential polyurethane. put everything back to original as far as possible. Didn't need many parts. Finsihed it in April 2014. This is only one of 14 made in this configuration, Wheatland with planetary rear axle. Has hercules 478 cubic inch engine, over/under hydraul-shift, serial # 209290-657. 130 HP."






Oliver Tractors




Charlie Craun

"1952 oliver 88 and two 88 pedal tractors."







Hopkins Tractor




Byron Hopkins

"1968 Oliver 1750, a non-retired Arizonan."







Old Farmer




Tim Barringer

"1948 Oliver row crop 60. Restored with a lot of help from Steiner, photo taken at NC transportation museum Spencer North Carolina."







Oliver 1850




Betsy Stahler

"Mary & Sam on Oliver 1850."







Bridge Crossing Tractors




Mike Keenan

"This picture was taken in 2011, the third year out of eight that we have crossed the Mackinac Bridge in the Antique Tractor Crossing. Pictured in the photo starting with the front tractor, my son Shaun Keenan on his 1946 John Deere A, then my oldest son Dan Keenan on his 1936 John Deere B and I am on my 1955 Allis Chalmers WD-45. All of these tractors have been fully restored with parts from Steiner on our family farm with the help of our good friend Bob Eggebrecht."









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